Kolmapäev, 13. august 2014

Viimased 80 tundi.

Viimase 80 tunniga olen kaotanud pea -9000$, mis on enamus augusti kasumist. Jama rsk!
Tegemist on klassikalise omaha downswingiga. Ühtegi potti ei suuda võita ning 3-4b pottides jooksen nagu vigane koer.

Esmaspäev, 11. august 2014

Tallinn All-in 2014 - Olympic Summer Festival!


Now in August 2014 Poker Icons invites you to play the 5th Tallinn All-in tournament and as with earlier events it is a part of the Olympic Poker Festival in Tallinn. The Olympic Summer Festival will take place at Olympic Casino in Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia starting from the 26th of August until the 30th of August 2014.

Olympic Summer Festival 2014 consists of quite a few great poker events open for all players IN TURBO FORMAT. The main event, Tallinn All-in will be played over 2 days from the 29th of August until the 30th of August and there are a lot of qualifiers available both online and live starting from the very first week of August 2014.

Other notable events are the No Limit Texas – Terminator with a buy-in of €220, which will be played on Thursday the 28th of August and a No Limit Texas Turbo – “OlyBet Special” with a buy-in of €110, which will be played on Wednesday the 27th of August and not to forget; the popular 6-max high roller with a buy-in of €1100 which will be played on Saturday the 30th of August.

Live satellites are available at Olympic Casino Buy-in 22€, unlimited 20€ rebuys for 90 min + DBL Addon with tickets guaranteed.

Also here is the schedule for the online satellites at www.olybet.com :

13.08, 20.00 EET, 22€ 1R, 1 ticket GTD, min 9 players
20.08, 20.00 EET, 22€ 1R, 1 ticket GTD, min 9 players
27.08, 20.00 EET, 22€ 1R, 1 ticket GTD, min 9 players

During the week of Olympic Summer Festival 2014 we are truly international. We have this far had players from: Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Norway, USA, New Zealand, Israel, Russia, Sweden and of course Estonia.

If you wish to participate be sure to reserve a seat as soon as possible as the event will sell out. You can qualify for Tallinn All-in event either directly by making a deposit to Olympic Casino or as mentioned trying your luck at satellites. More information about the tournament is available at: www.tallinnallin.com and http://www.olympic-casino.ee/poker/news/olympic-summer-festival-2014--vilnius-riia-tallinn-n361

Martin ”Franke” von Zweigbergk
Poker Icons
info [at] pokericons.com

Pühapäev, 10. august 2014

Pöörane varahommik

Pühapäeva varahommikul mängisin ühe austraallasega kaks hiiglaslikku potti. Eelnevalt söötsin ta korralikult täis, kuid õnneks sain kõik väikse intressiga tagasi.

1. Ta tankis riveril üsna pikalt, kuid õnneks hero-callis.

$3/$6  Pot Limit Omaha Hi • 3 Players

hotcocaEST (SB)$1,354.55
  • Pre-Flop ($9, 3 players)Hero is SB
  • dQ dK c4 cT
BTN raises to $21, hotcocaEST raises to $69, BB calls $63, BTN calls $48
  • Flop ($207, 3 players)
  • dT c8 d4
hotcocaEST bets $177, BB calls $177, BTN folds
  • Turn ($561, 2 players)
  • s4
hotcocaEST bets $336.75, BB calls $336.75
  • River ($1,234.50, 2 players)
  • cJ
hotcocaEST goes all-in $771.80, BB calls $771.80
  • Final Pot: $2,778.10
  • BB shows
  • cQcK c5 hK
  • hotcocaEST shows
  • dQdK c4 cT
  • hotcocaEST wins $2,775.60 (net +$1,421.05)
  • BB lost $1,354.55
  • BTN lost $69

2. 3600$-ne pot, eriline maiuspala pühapäeva varahommikul. Turn tõmbas kabja korralikult värisema, kuid riveri saabudes fistpumpisin korralikult :D.

$3/$6  Pot Limit Omaha Hi • 3 Players

hotcocaEST (BTN)$2,743.10
  • Pre-Flop ($9, 3 players)Hero is BTN
  • h8 c6 d8 d7
hotcocaEST raises to $12, SB raises to $42, BB folds, hotcocaEST calls $30
  • Flop ($90, 2 players)
  • c3 c8 s4
SB bets $67.50, hotcocaEST raises to $219.37, SB raises to $748.11, hotcocaEST raises to $2,334.33, SB goes all-in $999.37
  • Turn ($3,584.96, 2 players, 1 all-in)
  • cK
  • River ($3,584.96, 2 players, 1 all-in)
  • d3
  • Final Pot: $3,584.96
  • SB shows
  • s6hT c5 c7
  • hotcocaEST shows
  • h8c6 d8 d7
  • hotcocaEST wins $4,169.31 (net +$1,792.98)
  • SB lost $1,789.48

Täna öine draama:

Kolmapäev, 6. august 2014

Valuebet bluff?

Järgnev käsi ühe fishi vastu on selle aasta üks naljakamaid.
River oli huvitav kaart, sest ma omasin nutmasti blokkerit (Kd). Otsustasin raiseda tema panust. Ta tankcallis viimasel sekundil....veel kehvema käega :D.

$2/$4  Pot Limit Omaha Hi • 5 Players

hotcocaEST (BTN)$400
  • Pre-Flop ($6, 5 players)Hero is BTN
  • dK cJ cQ sA
2 folds, hotcocaEST raises to $12, SB calls $10, 1 fold
  • Flop ($28, 2 players)
  • h9 d7 d2
SB checks, hotcocaEST checks
  • Turn ($28, 2 players)
  • sT
SB bets $20, hotcocaEST calls $20
  • River ($68, 2 players)
  • dA
SB bets $32, hotcocaEST raises to $146, SB calls $114
  • Final Pot: $360
  • hotcocaEST shows a pair of Aces
  • dKcJ cQ sA
  • SB shows
  • hJd3 hA c3
  • hotcocaEST wins $357.20 (net +$179.20)
  • SB lost $178