Reede, 28. november 2014

Hand of the month

$2/$4  Pot Limit Omaha Hi • 3 Players

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hotcocaEST (BB)$412.83
  • Pre-Flop ($6, 3 players)Hero is BB
  • hJ cA h4 cJ
BTN raises to $8.80, SB calls $6.80, hotcocaEST calls $4.80
  • Flop ($26.40, 3 players)
  • h9 cT sJ
SB bets $18.07, hotcocaEST calls $18.07, BTN calls $18.07
  • Turn ($80.61, 3 players)
  • c3
SB bets $58, hotcocaEST calls $58, BTN calls $58
  • River ($254.61, 3 players)
  • hT
SB checks, hotcocaEST bets $172, BTN goes all-in $335.27, SB folds, hotcocaEST goes all-in $155.96
  • Final Pot: $910.53
  • hotcocaEST shows a full house, Jacks full of Tens
  • hJcA h4 cJ
  • BTN shows four of a kind, Tens
  • sTh5 h2 dT
  • BTN wins $916.34 (net +$496.20)
  • hotcocaEST lost $412.83
  • SB lost $84.87

Neljapäev, 27. november 2014

Darwini auhind

$1/$2  No Limit Holdem • 5 Players

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hotcocaEST (SB)$201
  • Pre-Flop ($3, 5 players)Hero is SB
  • hT sT
3 folds, hotcocaEST raises to $6, BB raises to $12.34, hotcocaEST raises to $30.68, BB raises to $49.02, hotcocaEST calls $18.34
  • Flop ($98.04, 2 players)
  • s7 c2 s8
hotcocaEST checks, BB bets $165.32, hotcocaEST goes all-in $151.98
  • Turn ($402, 2 players, 1 all-in)
  • s9
  • River ($402, 2 players, 1 all-in)
  • hQ
  • Final Pot: $402
  • hotcocaEST shows
  • hTsT
  • BB shows
  • dQs5
  • BB wins $411.34 (net +$197.00)
  • hotcocaEST lost $201

Reede, 14. november 2014

Olybet Kings of Tallinn Poker Festival 16-22.Feb 2015!


First ever Olybet Kings of Tallinn Poker Festival will be held on 16-22 February 2015 in Tallinn, the stunning capital of Estonia.

The festival will be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia and Olympic Casino. During the festival 20 action-packed tournaments will be held, culminating with the €1100 Main Event being held on 18-22 February. Cash games are available 24/7.

Risto Suurpõld, Olybet poker manager, said: “We are working hard to make this the Nordic’s greatest poker festival this winter!”

“Register your team of 4 players for the festival and get involved in as much action as possible because there is a prize for the best team, expected to rise up to whopping 10,000 euros,” Suurpõld said.

Check out the festival schedule:

Main Event Details:
Dates: 18-22 February
Buy-in: €1000 + €100
Soft cap: 250
Starting stack: 20 000
Levels: 60 minutes
Late registration closes at 13:00 on day 2. Unlimited re-entries available until start of day 2 (players will be allowed to void their stack at the end of the day 1 if wanting to re-enter with starting stack)

Cash Games:
* During the whole festival you can enjoy 24/7 cash game action at the largest poker room in Estonia. You can choose from Texas, Omaha and various other game formats with blinds ranging from €2/2 up to €10/€20.
* The rake at the Olympic Casino’s Poker Room is 4% with a cap of €10. With 6 or more players at the table, €1 is collected from each pot for Bad Beat Jackpot, awarding special rewards for bad beats and high hand bonuses.
* To make a wire transfer in order to pre-deposit money in the casino for cash games, please get in touch through the contact form.

Early Bird Bonuses:
We want to reward your quick judgement so book your Main Event seat by 22 December 2014 for serious extra value:

* We will hold a draw at the start of the festival and one very lucky early bird will receive their Main Event buy-in back
* We will pay 10% of your accommodation costs, in addition to the great prices we already negotiated for our players, when you stay in any of our three partner hotels during the festival
* In addition, you will receive a staggering 50 euro bar credit upon your arrival for an even more fun

Great hotel deals:
* Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia – special price €90/night
* Nordic Hotel Forum – special price €72/night
* Tallink City Hotel – special price €54/night
More info@

* You can post questions here or PM me! (Festival, clubs, pubs, restaruants, girls etc)

Pühapäev, 9. november 2014

Bad Beat Jackpot?

Põnev jaotus. Turnis läks enamus raha sisse, riveris ta donk-shoves oma viimased 11€.